We are a proactive company, committed to bringing excellence to every project we undertake. We are passionate about design and this passion is reflected in all our works. Our staff is dedicated in providing the highest quality design and consulting services to all our customers. We achieve success through our knowledge, experience and our creative attitude. Superior client services and design excellence are not simply our goals, but the foundation stone that COLBAX was built on.

We strive to design projects that meet the challenges of a modern society.
We trust that the basis of sustainable design is not only an understanding of all the needs and requirements of the customer, but also of every component that will deliver a healthy and enduring building.

Designing a project means adding value to it and for this specific reason we combine 3 important elements: Art, Design and Architecture.



The most important strength COLBAX has shown to its customers is maximizing the efficiency of any structure while reducing costs and saving time. Our approach comes from the vast experience we have accumulated so far.
We are a proactive company, committed to bringing excellence to every project we undertake. We are passionate about design and this passion is reflected in all our works.

Our engineers and consultants take great pride in achieving the ambitions of our customers who greatly value our approach. The power of our digital modeling tools and ability to introduce early contributions from our fire engineering, geotechnics, façades, services and sustainability groups enables us to identify the optimal structural choices.



We are specialized in the design and fit outs of residential home/apartments, retail environments and corporate offices. Our company is proud to have some of the best space planners, architectural, interior designers and project consultants, as we always put customer`s satisfaction first.

Knowing that each customer has different needs and requirements, we are doing our best to create and maintain a good communication throughout our collaboration and make sure that we set the right expectations.



Our mission is to provide distinctive landscape services that meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations.

COLBAX manages to accomplish this through:
– Economic pricing,
– Excellent coordination with clients and partners,
– Implementation of advanced landscaping,
– Decoration and lighting techniques,
– Highly efficient and trained work team

Our philosophy is to establish strong partnerships and to easily translate our clients’ concepts into innovative landscape designs and deliver exceptional outcome within a specific budget as well as limited time frame.
With every project we take, we put our reputation on the line and we take pride on being able to deliver every time.


Our integrated solution drive visibility, collaboration and constructability throughout the entire construction process, bringing every phase into alignment with our client’s goals.

We help our customers to:
• Reduce costs.
• Reduce schedule constraints
• Meet the deadlines.
• Create stability at every stage of construction.
• Minimize risk and increase safety.
• Eliminate unknowns, unwelcome surprises and delays.
• Gain a comprehensive and proactive understanding of the impact of site logistics.
• Build what others say can’t be done.

By eliminating unwelcome delays and surprises we develop strong, trusting relationships with our clients and enjoy an exceptionally high level of repeat business.